Voters Worried about Health Care Costs, Again

Kaiser Family Foundation is a trusted source for health care data, surveys and year over year monitoring.  Just as Pew Organization surveys culture impact, KFF monitors many dimensions of health care impact.  In this survey, it is painfully obvious that voters are worried about health care costs and affordability. Sixty-seven percent (67%) are concerned.

voters are worried about health care costs

Drew Altman, of KFF, explains more about this problem in a post for Axios:

  • It helps explain why so many people name health their top issue, despite the progress that has been made in covering the uninsured. And everyone who’s sick and can’t afford medical care has family members and friends who see what they are going through, creating a political multiplier effect.
  • It is also why health care is substantially an economic issue as well as an issue of access to care. When people have trouble paying medical bills, it’s a hard hit to their family budgets — causing many people to take a second job, roll up more debt, borrow money, and forego other important family needs.

You can read more here, in a summary article from Axios 

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