US 4th Summary Report on Climate Change

This report was released by current administration on Black Friday at 2pm ET (the busiest shopping day of the year) in order to downplay the significance. There’s no downplaying here.  Real scientists have written over 1600 pages on the depth and breadth of global warming.

The key point:  we have 12 years to change the course of climate warming and destruction.

The summary report is eight pages long with highlighted talking points.  It’s well worth your time to read through the 12 sectors to see what’s at risk and what steps must be taken to preserve life and lifestyle as we know it. Just yesterday 45 denied the impact of global warming.  On Thursday he asked a soldier in Afghanistan why he he would use new technology when steam power was just fine; the soldier’s answer was that he had a good handle on the current technology and everything was running smooth. It’s important that we understand the health and wealth impact of global warming.  This document will frame short answers to tough questions for you, including the 10% downturn in the economy if we don’t make substantive changes quickly.