Our primary job is to provide education that helps you understand the problem, the potential solutions, and the policies that can best lead to sustainable communities with predictable economies.  These issue statements are crafted to improve your conversations with friends, on social media or when speaking truth to power.  Think of these as talking points that you will be able to find using our categories.

Our Structure for Issues

We will provide static information on issues that influence or improve our lives.  Some of the categories will be:

  • health care, medicare, medicaid, social security
  • environment, clean water, air quality, climate change
  • economy, jobs, affordable housing, infrastructure
  • ethics, rule of law
  • education
  • security, gun safety
  • immigration
  • foreign affairs
  • taxes, tariffs, federal reserve
  • social justice, civil justice, security, law enforcement

You can search the website using any of the words in the list above and the posts will come up on your screen.