Economic Impact of Environmental Pollution

We are continuing the updates of economic impact of the issues.  In each of these, you will see how the economy changes, who bears the heaviest burden, and how all the issues intersect to drive or inhibit economic growth and prosperity for all.

This post is about the environment in SWFL.  It shows the impact of pollution, sea rise and climate change in our part of the world.  

In this year, 2018, the hottest year on record for the last 10 years, the ten years before than, and the ten years before that, we have seen the enormous growth of red tide into a year-long display,  a highly unusual growth and size of blue-green algae, and, currently, some new “colors” coming into view. 

We know, after many long years of studying the blooms, that these are caused by warming waterways, unusual amounts of rain, longer hot seasons, runoff of fertilizers/pesticides/phosphates, and human and animal waste. 

Warmer waters, more pollution, new exotic species, and waste are all contributing to the levels of toxins from the various algae bloom in SWFL.

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