Consequences of Unaffordable Care

We often speak only about the direct costs of care: health visits, cost of drugs, hospital stays.  

But it’s important to remember that the consequences are far more expansive than immediate costs.  The total costs stretch to all sectors of the economy.  

Economics affect all parts of our lives

Whether we are discussing clean water and climate change or education, immigration, and so many more issues, there is a cost to most of not all sectors our communities.  Often, there is a national cost that can be measured, too.  

It’s for this reason that we present our first chart for you:

When people can’t get care, or they can’t make enough to fund their deductible account, there are consequences.  Usually we focus on the direct problems of missing treatments, canceling physician appointments, or even missed days at work.  This chart tells quite a bit more about what happens when care is not received or paid for.  It’s a huge statement on the kinds of factors affected by unaffordable insurance. 

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