About Us

Our focus right now is on our home state, Florida, as the most important swing state in the midterms.  Our efforts merged when most of the current elected officials ignored the water crisis or provided the arrogant responses to the problem. Red tide and blue-green algae have infected our water and decimated marine animals, tearing our economy and health safety as well.  

We stand with our brave children to ensure gun control that will protect them and all citizens. We confront unfair ICE arrests and show up at school board meetings. We are asking hard questions of current leaders, showcasing their donations and the promises broken.  

We are committed to transparency, honesty, and fair elections. Over time we will build scorecards so that we can all hold our elected officials and appointed guardians (judges, law enforcement, agency directors, as examples) to the promises they made to earn our trust. 

We are a non profit 501c4 for social welfare and education.  Your donations are not tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

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