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We are not special by our skills, but we are truly special by our heart.


Cécile Pango L.


CEO & Founder


Josh Richards



Lynette Andes



Latica Evans

Program Manager

Who we are?

Women for Action is a refugee women’s organization started in January 2013 at Dzaleka Camp in Dowa district in Republic of Malawi. During the displacement of populations caused by conflict, women, girls and children constitute a third of the population and they are the most vulnerable and unhappy suffering atrocious violence. When they reach a point that they think is safe, they encounter various difficulties that make them even more vulnerable and some die. Being refugees and having lived in very atrocious situations of vulnerability, women stood up to defend the cause of women, girls and children by creating the organization Women for action.

Big Charity: Rebuild School in Cape in Dzaleka

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Big Charity: We Still Need 5 000 Vaccines for Children

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Our Impact


Women for action aims to uphold the rights of refugee women and girls by emphasizing their empowerment through solid strategies for equal treatment and finally giving them to achieving a strong and peaceful society


The main mission is to support refugee women and girls, as soon as they arrive in the host country to quickly understand the new environment, support them to access services as needed and to enable them to better integrate.

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