Women Together for Action

Women hold half the sky.

It’s an old Chinese proverb.
 It means that women have the responsibility and the right to participate in all that the world offers and demands. 
We The People includes All of Us.

Welcome to our group– men and women– all of whom believe that women’s rights are essential in order to achieve equal liberties and equal opportunities in America.

We are three people, with many of our friends and allies, who have spent the last 2+ years being angry, calling officials, marching in streets, and worrying about our country. We have come together from our very different backgrounds to build information and messages that will educate the communities and support the voters in 2018 and beyond. 


Our American values are being diminished every day by an administration that does not promote equality, opportunity for all, or fair dealing.  Many of us are discouraged, disbelieved, and deprecated by words and deeds of those who believe freedom is a zero-sum game. Women are often the target, and if they are not the target, they often become the victim.  Candidates promise almost anything to get elected and then they promote the companies that pay them the most dollars.  Justices are no longer blind to the person harmed, and law enforcement is not equitable in applying laws.  Our personal, financial, and national security is being attacked, yet, while the economy grows, the working poor lose ground, babies are taken to cages, and the retired lose purchasing power. 

We founded this organization as a non profit 501c4 to hold our elected officials accountable for their promises and their votes.  We will publish the key issues of our times and their potential impact in the communities they serve.  We will call out the dollars that are donated and match them to the health, wealth and performance of the elected officials’ votes.  We will call out those who devalue our people, our heritage, or our communities.

We can no longer shake our heads

Our genesis is a hash tag

This is not the American Dream.  We  can no longer shake our heads.  We are inspired, frankly, by a hashtag.  Our acronym is simple: WTF Action. It tells you that we believe in the dream and we will step up to achieve it.  

There is much more to the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the oft-forgotten phrase of “provide for the general welfare.”  We, women and men, rise to protect our families, our communities, our homes and our liberties.

Now, we have a place to promote the vision of the Founders: reason, diplomacy, equal opportunity, truth, and the Rule of Law.  We will raise the money so our voices are heard. We will lobby for clean water, health care, public schools, safety, justice, infrastructure that befits the largest economy in the world, and opportunity for each of us to achieve our dreams.

We are glad you are here.  

About Us

Our focus right now is on our home state, Florida, as the most important swing state in the midterms.  Our efforts merged when most of the current elected officials ignored the water crisis or provided the arrogant responses to the problem. Red tide and blue-green algae have infected our water and decimated marine animals, tearing our economy and health safety as well.  

We stand with our brave children to ensure gun control that will protect them and all citizens. We confront unfair ICE arrests and show up at school board meetings. We are asking hard questions of current leaders, showcasing their donations and the promises broken.  

We are committed to transparency, honesty, and fair elections. Over time we will build scorecards so that we can all hold our elected officials and appointed guardians (judges, law enforcement, agency directors, as examples) to the promises they made to earn our trust. 

We are a non profit 501c4 for social welfare and education.  Your donations are not tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

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